Thoughts on my birthday - 誕生日に思うこと -

entranceIt is always feeling great being celebrated for birthday.

I have a special feeling for this birthday. Things never be the same. My environment has changed so much since I moved to Niigata, and people I meet recently are so diverse and different from those who I used to meet... 

I begin to realize I have come to a new stage of my life. When I look ahead, I can only vaguely see what it is like, but I'm certain I'm on the right track.

It is not like growth is guaranteed and many people will come and enjoy rewards. Rather, it is a hard path and I may not see what I will achieve while I'm alive. Yet, it leads to a door to heaven, where God prepare places for those who seek for it. I really thank every one of you who support me in every way, that is why I'm here today.






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