Joy in surrendering oneself - 自分を放棄する喜び -


Now we hear the sound of autumn...leaves turn to red and get ready to say good-bye for their life....they are most beautiful throughout the year.

What a beauty seeing someone surrendering oneself...

In the scripture of Luke 18 Jesus says, "it is very hard for rich men going to heaven..." We may not be that rich but we have some wealth to live on. He says, "Leave all you have then follow me"....

I coundn't understand what this really means for a long time. I thought that just does not make any sense.


However, from my experience I learned that, whenever I make big mistakes,  I make my decision by my own instinct, experience, what "I" think best, or others say it's best. And all consiquences come back to me.

When I had a little money, I thought I could do something, or I might be able to come up with solution which I will be able to take a risk of consiquences. 

Now I have come to a status that I cannot even handle consiquences by myself... they are too huge to cope with....

I may be just a loser... so I prayed Him again... I was so wrong, I made the biggest mistake, I didn't do sincere prayer to You until I get clear answer from You before making any decision...

Yet I still have a strong confidence about Rinshu and Music in Heaven concert, which I was commanded by God. Whatever happens I never feel like I would give up (but just don't know how to proceed...).

When I don't have anything with me, I cannot do anything but asking for help. This is exactly when God can come into our life. Moreover, this is exactly when we leave for Heaven. Now I know quite well, why we have to "surrender all". I must say, this is a blessing.

























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