Music and Affection

Amazing moning sunlight at Sekishin studio, Niigata.


It's been quite a while since I could spend some time in this studio. My life was so hectic since December with concerts, creating movie, my kids nursery's staff interview and preperataion for the new year.

After I got sick several days physically and mentally for a few days now I finally settled down here.  I feel I need more time, more space in my soul & mind to focus myself creating music, I mean, true music from the bottom of my heart, not concering a bit regarding how it's well received.


through my experience in the kids nursery, I strongly feel that music is a non-verbal way of showing / reveiving affection. The vibration created by a musical performer (even a voice) is delivered through the air, to the skin & born to the kids, just like a gentle touch to them. Everyone knows the attachment is crucial to infants, their sensory system works collaborately and catch so many things at a same time.

Not only that, the feelings, and even the prayer the performer has inside are transmitted along with the vibration, as a inaudible high frequencies, and reached to the kids as a subliminal love message.


Considering that, I think the performer, lecturer, and care giver should be really sensitive with the way how they produce the sound, including musical performances, how they talk to kids, and even how they communicate with other teachers, guests, and their parents.


Especially for kids with HSC (highly sensitive child) like my childhood, this is really crucial. I see many sitiation that those HSC are set aside from the class and teachers think them as a "burden" of the class. No, for them, "We" are the burden. He / she knows the world, but much more colorful, and fragile, and vulnerable, just like he/ her. I want to be with them, with music, even without words, to share the world of silence. We musician can be much more quiet and silent.




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