Miracle on deaf person

smileToday I had a wonderful day. We delivered our Rinshu to 2 places. One is at barbar, the owner had hearing problem since he was very young, and recently he started to use hearing aid, and because of that he broke his ear drum completely. Now only way we can communicate is using pan & paper...

He used to enjoy music a lot, he himself dances with tango. Just because he lost his hearing recently, he was so sad after that, and that resulted in some dementia as well.

Introduced by his sister, I brought our Rinshu to his place. Since we have a good result in study with deaf people regarding the therapeutic effect on our speaker, we hoped we could be some help for him. 

Of course he cannot hear like us anymore, but by touching the table or base of the speaker, he could appreciate music. He could also feel notes up & down, vaguely what music is like. At least, he seems like he is very happy, and seems like he regained some hope to live.


Another lady & his son (12 years old) I met today had a trouble in sleeping. They are so nice people, very sentitive, and to me they have wonderful sense of feeling things. The son didn't get along with ordinary school system, and he became refusing going to school. His mother also had lots of stress at work, and all those things caused her serious depression.

They've been using Rinshu for almost 3 months, and today I found out they seem very healthy. Sometimes they keep playing same song for 3-4 hours. They said their sleeping problem drastically got better.

We offered small concert at their house, and we had a very good time. They said, "The sound of Rinshu goes to our heart directly, just like live music. When we had Rinshu in the beginning, it was almost like water was absorbed in dry desert".

We can't say Rinshu healed the symptom, but at least both of them experienced peace and serenity through it. Praise God.





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