現代社会のストレスと音楽 - music in modern stressed society -



「ありのままで(Let it go)」という言葉が今の世代の向かうべき姿として描かれることが多くなった今日、現実はますます「ありのままでは生きていけない」世の中になっているのではないでしょうか。むしろ、表面的に強い者が弱い者を憚る事なく押し退け、自分の事、今の利益しか考えない「わがまま=ありのまま」がまかり通るようになっただけのようにすら思えます。そしてその背後には、「いつ自分がやられるかもしれない」という絶えない不安が・・・

以前、自分のアルバムで、そんなことを思いながら"Survive now"という曲を作った事がありました。








Grace - from album "Akashi"


We are quite exposed to stress in morern world. Electromagnetic wave, food with chemical ingredients, money is required anywhere to live life, efficiency & speed is first in work, heart-breaking words from family member or boss "you can't survive like that..."

I used to write song called "survive now" in my album, thinking of this....

I personally think, that depression, sleep disorder from stress, panic...those are not "sickness" alone but may be a result of quite a sensitive person who can sense spiritually very well just cannot adapt to live as he/she is. In fact, they may be the one who have a correctly functioning sensor...

In that sense, music I'm trying to create these days is quite different from the one for commercial purpose.

All musician, creators who come and support my project have same kind of spiritual sensitiveness. In our songs there's no outstanding chorus melody or power in our music, but we know importance of prayer so that music can deliver peace & serenity to whoever listening to it (in fact music itself can't do it but God will do it). We spend all our knowledge & technique for that purpose.

A person fulfilled by music with grace will be able to become a spring to pour love for someone around him/her, in the way like "saying thank you for partner in bad relationship" "cook healthy dinner for his exhausted friend"... and what happens is, the one who pour love to others will be healed most.

Grace - from album "Akashi"

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