Fine tuning - 最終調整 -

IMG_0996_2Now we're working hard for fine-tuning Rinshu US model. It was planned to ship out before christmas, but we thought we should improve sound quality more & more, so that everyone, even those who in very severe sickness can enjoy...

It involves hardware, cables, wood, tapes, condensors...and mostly, music itself. We do special mastering of all music library exclusively for this device, and this really makes a difference.

However, there's something we cannot do anything with EQ & DSP. To figure out how we should deal with this, is just by "sense"...no reason. Generally, we get better result not relying on DSP. But it is so hard untifl we find out "why"...

We now have way better look for US version, which has sunburst-type color with brown base. I hope we can deliver this by early January.









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