Sound of snow

We will have a heavy snow storm tonight...


Starting from evening, slowly, slowly,  snowflakes pile up without a sound...and during midnight the sound of snow falling off from branches wakes me up, and the beauty of snowy art are perfecly cpmpleted in front of my eyes.


A few days ago a lagoon nearby was like this...just like a powder suger topped on the green-tea sweets.

Hanamizuki, composed by Hitotoyo in remembrance of September 11 attacks, is a beautiful song. The lyrics close with a eternal love that lasts forever, regardless of any disturbance in this world.

It is hard to hear and realize the sound of piling up snowflakes. Sometime they just melt into water and we didn't even care about them.

It is just like an anger, sorrow, sadness, lonelines.... then become a hetred... then it is too late. Before we hear big sound of falling down, we need to stop, take a moment to look, be silent, and stay where we are meant to be.


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